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Who Could/Should James Gunn and Company Look to for Batman Next?

Last month, James Gunn announced who would be playing Clark Kent / Superman in his film Superman: Legacy. The casting of David Corenswet as the Man of Steel obviously excited many, though it also whetted the appetite for Gunn to move on to casting his Batman. Now, he’s not directing Batman: The Brave and the Bold, since that gig belongs to The Flash helmer Andy Muschietti, but as the guy basically running DC, he’s got a heavy hand in the decision. With the dust having settled on Corenswet, I felt like musing a bit on the options for the next Bruce Wayne.

Below, you can see a collection of ten names that I think should be considered for Batman / Bruce Wayne. I took a mix of names bandied about by others and ones that I’ve come up with. The truth is, Gunn, Muschietti, and the other decision makers likely have their own actors in mind. So, take this all with a large grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to bandy these names about, isn’t it?

Here now are some names that Gunn and company could look at for Batman, separated into categories and mused about:

Star Power – Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal

Should the project go big game hunting, Ryan Gosling would be my top pick, with Jake Gyllenhaal not far behind. Both are two of the best and most exciting actors in Hollywood, though ones who are open to unique and unexpected choices for material. Gosling has yet to be in a superhero film, though he’s been in some giant Hollywood productions, while being no stranger to the action genre. Gyllenhaal has been in comic book fare already, though this movie would be something different for him. These are reach for the stars names, but if A-listers are on Gunn, Muschietti, and company’s minds, these are two obvious and excellent possibilities.

Grizzled Veteran – Bradley Cooper or Jon Hamm

If Gunn and company want someone with veteran status (questionable, given how Superman has gone young), I think Bradley Cooper and Jon Hamm are obvious choices. Cooper has a preexisting relationship with Gunn, while Hamm has seemingly been a Bruce Wayne pick during the last few cycles. Either would be very exciting, though probably long shots. This new DC Universe likely will want someone in the role for a long time, which could preclude Cooper or Hamm. If not? These would be strong selections.

Fan picks – Jensen Ackles or Regé-Jean Page

If you ask a certain segment of the internet, Jensen Ackles is the clear choice. He’s even done the voice of Batman in several animated projects. At the same time, Regé-Jean Page is put forward for just about every franchise lead these days. Do I think either of them are likely picks? No. However, are they worth considering? Of course. If there’s a long list, it’s probable at least that both of them are on said list.

X Factors – Jamie Dornan, Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connell, or Glen Powell

This is a bit of a grab bag with my remaining ideas, though it includes one of my top picks in Glen Powell. Now, anyone here would be a solid and somewhat interesting choice, but Powell just has that x factor. At the same time, Jamie Dornan has recently shown he has the chops and deserves a bigger showcase, while Jack O’Connell has been waiting for that opportunity. As for Nicholas Hoult, he seems to be circling a new superhero role for years now, so this could just be his time. Plus, he clearly has impressed Gunn. I don’t know we’ll see any of these names get the gig, but they definitely deserve consideration.

Who do you want to see play Batman? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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