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    Scale and Ambition Still Matter, Thank Goodness

    The following films were more expensive to produce than Dune: • The Tomorrow War • Black Widow • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald • Terminator: Dark Fate • Wonder Woman 1984 • Dolittle • Jungle Cruise I understand that making an effects-heavy feature with a budget higher than the […] More

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    ‘The Last Duel’ is a “Body Positive” Beauty Campaign

    Do you remember this ad from about eight years ago? It was widely praised at the time for being an uplifting message promoting self-esteem and body positivity, and consumers who watched it enthusiastically responded that they wanted to see more ads like it from the beauty industry. It wasn’t just Dove, either – market researcher […] More

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    Where Have All the Labor Movies Gone?

    Happy Labor Day, everyone! Looks like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (which weirdly wants us to care about its boring titular character with a Great Destiny™ more than his father/nemesis with the genuinely compelling backstory and agency over the plot, but whatever) is going to break the “Labor Day Box Office Curse,” […] More

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    A Farewell to Conan

    Conan O’Brien’s final Conan show on TBS involved being serenaded by Jack Black, an enthusiastic studio audience and Conan on stage with his longtime sidekick Andy Richter thanking his fans, his family and his staff. He closed out his late night tenure with An encouraging message to the audience to try and do what they […] More

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    The True Horror of ‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness’

    You guys, I have discovered a mind-blowing Netflix documentary exposing an unbelievable conspiracy called The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness! See, it turns out David Berkowitz, the infamous serial killer calling himself the “Son of Sam,” did not commit his crimes alone. And I don’t just mean an accomplice; he was a member […] More

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    ‘Wonder Woman 1984’… I Have Questions

    In some ways, I’m a little surprised by the harsh reception to Wonder Woman 1984, relative to similarly middling superhero movies (Joey’s review is here). It has most of the flaws that have been creeping into these blockbusters for the last decade or so, and I suspect one reason why so many critics have been […] More

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    The Spectacular Evolution of Bella Thorne

    By now, most people have heard of or seen Bella Thorne. Whether it’s regarding her music, film, television, or modeling career, the 23 year old remains busy and relevant. One of the most notable aspects of Thorne’s career has been her recent metamorphosis with her acting. With each project, she continues to flourish into an […] More

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    The Curious Cynicism of David Fincher

    It certainly is a curious case (of Benjamin Button) that the latest film from revered auteur David Fincher should be one that directly flies in the face of auteur theory. Mank, which will be streaming on Netflix by the time you read this, is concerned with the authorship of one of the great auteur vehicles […] More

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    Sisters React: Hyper-Sexualized ‘Holidate’

    By now, most people have heard the buzz around the new Netflix film, Holidate. Marketed as a feel good, Christmas centric romantic comedy starring none other than Emma Roberts, it sounds promising. Being fans of Roberts, Casey and I (Kendall) were ready to indulge in yet another fun flick from the actress. To say that […] More

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    Category Fraud’s Soft Bigotry

    One of the few major awards hopefuls still on the calendar for this extended Oscar season is Supernova, a romantic drama about two lovers trying to make the most out of the remaining time they have after one of them is diagnosed with dementia. It’s had quite a rapturous reception on the film festival circuit […] More

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