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    Do We Still Need Saturday Night Live?

    It seems like the general consensus around last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a bit of a bust, with much of the criticism surrounding Jim Carrey’s… less than stellar impression of Vice President Joe Biden (because I guess we’ve all just accepted that Lorne Michaels will not let go of Alec Baldwin’s lackluster […] More

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    The Good Enough Parents of ‘Babyteeth’

    In a key scene in Shannon Murphy’s debut feature Babyteeth, beleaguered parents Anna and Henry look on in the backyard of their home, seeing their terminally ill daughter Milla suggestively “play wrestling” with her delinquent and older boyfriend Moses.  “This is the worst possible parenting I can imagine,” Anna sighs.  Which begs the question… compared […] More

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    “Dark” Superheroes Aren’t The Heroes We Need, Or Deserve

    The trailer for the next Batman movie, called The Batman, dropped last month, and it seems like… … pretty much like every other big-budget theatrical Batman movie of the last thirty years not directed by Joel Schumacher. I’m… just… so tired. Look, I have no doubt that Matt Reeves is going to deliver a handsomely-made […] More