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    The Best Scores and Soundtracks of 2021

    As I said last year, music is essential to our lives. It’s a core part of the human experience, helping us through it all (especially in trying times like these). Whether it’s your favorite band or what you hear while watching a great movie, music makes life better, plain and simple. When it comes to […] More

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    On the Radar… (Beginning of the Year Edition)

    Happy New Year, everyone! And Happy Marjorie Taylor-Greene Got Permanently Suspended from Twitter Day! Which was technically a few days ago, but I still feel like celebrating that. These first three months of the year are, with one exception, kind of a “dumping ground” for movies, not only the bad studio dreck that its distributors […] More

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    Sunday Scaries: Wes Craven’s Déjà Vu

    Note: Spoilers ahead for the Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street series. You know what’s a really good horror movie? New Nightmare. It didn’t perform very well at the box office and it seems like most fans remember it today as “that one odd out-of-continuity entry in the franchise,” but for my money, it’s […] More

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    ‘JFK’ Honestly Revisited: Through Boomer Obstinacy

    On this day three decades ago, Oliver Stone released JFK, what is arguably the most controversial film of his career and the movie that most aggressively showcased his penchant for stylistic excess and narrative hyperbole. It’s one of the few Hollywood movies ever produced that directly led to the passage of a federal law, the […] More

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    Interview: Robert Mackenzie and Dave Whitehead (and Surprise Guest Tara Webb!) Reflect on the Unsettling Sounds of ‘The Power of the Dog’

    “Wait a minute, you’re telling me that she (director Jane Campion) knew the difference between a 1912-model Dodge and a 1924 model just by listening to the engine noises?!” That is not a quote from Robert Mackenzie, the supervising sound editor on Jane Campion’s fascinating and unexpectedly brutal western The Power of the Dog, which […] More

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    On the Radar… (December Edition)

    Ho, ho, ho! Meeerrrrry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays, a phrase that was not invented by woke liberals in the last few years but something that people have been saying to each other since 1863. Now we’re really getting into the final push for the last-minute Oscar contenders. I personally can’t stand how many of these […] More

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    Interview: Jayne Houdyshell on Her Long Journey with ‘The Humans’

    The Humans is a one-act play that has been around for a while. Its first-ever performance in front of an audience was at the American Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois in 2014. It slowly made its way wowing theatregoers around the country before finally making its Broadway debut in 2016, soon after that becoming a […] More

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