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Year in Advance Oscar Predictions Update: The Emmys Are Great, But I’m Glad the Academy Awards Do Things Differently

Earlier this week, the Emmy nominations went down, in all of their glory. You can see them here, and even thought the movie beat is far more my thing, I don’t ignore television entirely. To that end, something that happened with the Emmys, which has happened more than once in the past, caught my attention. With a need to ever so slightly tinker with my Oscar predictions, it made sense to merge the two together. So, while the Academy Awards are on my mind, the Television Academy and their choices aren’t completely devoid from my attention. So, read on to find out exactly what I’m getting at.

While the Oscars are hardly perfect (as I’ve detailed here), but they do a pretty decent job of spreading the wealth. The Emmys sort of do too, by virtue of so many different contenders, but something does occur in certain categories that I’m not wild about. There are categories that have more than five nominees, yet still only site three or even just two shows. No offense to some programs that are terrific, but c’mon.

You never see this with the Academy Awards. Hell, you rarely see the same film’s actors or actresses nominated in one category. When two Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress nominees are from the same movie, it’s a big deal. The Emmys seem to think that’s totally cool, and while it’s not the end of the world, it does strike me as odd. Oh well, it’s just one more reason why I prefer the Oscars to the Emmys.

As for the latest predictions, well…there’s not much new to report. There will be more soon, especially as some release dates get confirmed or pushed (as I started to report here and here). Once we fully know who’s in and who’s out, it will be easier to sort out where things stand, heading into the fall and the film festival season.

That being said, She Said did release a trailer that seems to confirm that the movie should be a player. As long as it’s Hollywood not being self-congratulatory about solving #METOO (to be clear, sexual harassment in Hollywood is still a major issue), Zoe Kazan and/or Carey Mulligan should compete for Oscar love, at the very least. It looks quite good, in my humble opinion. Plus, in a few days I’m seeing Jordan Peele‘s Nope, so stay tuned to find out if that’s a player as well…

Universal Pictures

Folks, remember that it’s still quite early, as I’ve been saying. My prior prediction articles (found herehere, and here) may look very similar to this new one, but that’s just the nature of the beast right now. That being said, I now have Everything Everywhere All At Once and Top Gun: Maverick in my Best Picture predictions, so that was a notable change last time around. What might change next? Well, lots, even if it won’t be for another month or two.

As always, you can see my new crack at advance Oscar predictions here at Awards Radar. We shall see, but this list is sure to change once again when I give it an update in the fall. Until then, the usual suspects from the initial ranking still more or less loom large…

Stay tuned for another update to these Oscar predictions as the summer continues!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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