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Why Are So Many Possible Oscar Players Potentially Pushing to 2023?

*By the by, A24 has reached out to say The Whale is in fact a 2022 release, so fear not there. The Brendan Fraser campaign for this year lives on…*

No sooner do I update my Oscar predictions than it seems like a handful of potential awards players are pushing to 2023. Now, I want to put this forward as unconfirmed news, since we haven’t heard anything official from the studios, but it does seem like a few Academy Award hopefuls are moving on from this year. Has 2022 suddenly become too crowded? I don’t think so. Is 2023 somehow ripe for the taking? I don’t know that that’s the case either. If nothing else, it’s some interesting rumors that likely will wind up being true, and I wanted to quickly run them down today.

The big one for me is that apparently Darren Aronofsky‘s The Whale is a 2023 release (here, via Will Mavity on Twitter). As much as that’s one of my most anticipated films of the year, it could make sense for A24 to hold this one back, and I’ll explain that momentarily. For now though, it’s not full-on confirmation, but if you were planning on campaigning Brendan Fraser for Best Actor, that could be on hold. Also of major note is that it seems like Yorgos Lanthimos won’t have Poor Things ready this year and it’ll hit next year instead (here). If that’s actually the case, it’s always possible this one is a late-breaking addition to the season, but Cannes 2023 might be the way to go for it. The other film of note in this regard (here) is Ari Aster‘s Disappointment Blvd, which was rumored to be running four hours long. Aster is less of an awards magnet, but with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead, anything was possible.

Interestingly, there might be a method to A24’s madness here with The Whale. My hunch, much like many others have posited on social media, is that the distributor is putting all of its eggs into one basket. The basket in question? Everything Everywhere All At Once. If so, it may well prove to be a good move, though time will tell here.

Now, on the flip side, it seems like sources have Martin Scorsese working hard to get Killers of the Flower Moon ready for December (here), while we’ve had Taika Waititi confirm in interviews that Next Goal Wins is finished and a 2022 release. The other question mark right now is David Fincher‘s The Killer, which apparently can go either way (here).

Look for some updated predictions soon, but for now, we certainly have plenty to chew on…

Stay tuned to see how this all plays out!


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10 months ago

This SUCKS. The Whale & Disappointment Blvd were two of my most anticipated.



Written by Joey Magidson

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