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    Box Office Report for the Week of July 4th

    Movie theaters have been slowly reopening all around the world, and because many viewers have been stuck inside having to watch their entertainment at home instead of in nice leather seats with a big crowd, it seems like more and more people are heading out to their local theatre to get reminded of just how […] More

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    Awards Radar’s Summer Movie Preview!

    On the Radar… (Summer Edition) Summer! When the weather goes from bitter cold to scorching hot all of the sudden, the big spectacles open up in the hopefully not-yet-extinct theaters, and thousands of cicadas are everywhere (that happens every summer, right?). As is usually the case, most of the major awards players wait until the […] More

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    Box Office Report for the Week of May 23rd

    As the box-office waits for the summer season to truly kick off next weekend this week’s results remain on the tepid side. Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II both drop next week and will give us our first major signs of how the box-office will look this summer, but for now it’s another week with Spiral: The Book of […] More

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    ‘F9’ Zooms By with a New Trailer

    It seems the long wait is finally over (almost). Having its release date pushed back an entire year due to COVID, it looks as though audiences will soon be able to feast their eyes on the glory of F9, and Universal is setting that promise in further motion by releasing a new trailer to get everyone […] More