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    100 Films to Look Forward To in 2022

    Welcome to 2022! With the calendar fully turned over from 2021, we’re about to get an entire slate of new movies to dig into. This coming weekend, The 355 is the first major release of the year. Beyond that? Well, there’s literally everything. Last year, I posed this list for 2021 on January 1st (here) […] More

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    Marvel Releases an Epic Tease of Their Upcoming Films

    2020 might have changed the state of movies going forward in several ways, but there’s at least one thing it couldn’t change: Marvel still holds the crown.  The dominant studio took a seat on the bench last year due to the COVID pandemic shuttering a large majority of theaters, but with their Disney+ series’ in […] More

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    Russell Crowe Joins ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

    Did you think that Thor: Love and Thunder had too many big name actors already in the mix? Let’s hope not, as the Taika Waititi MCU blockbuster is adding another Oscar-winning star to its impressive roster.  Russell Crowe is set to appear in the new film, something which was first suspected over the weekend when photos surfaced of him in […] More