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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of September 26th – Thor Finds Love and ‘Sound of Metal’ Joins the Criterion Collection

Marvel Studios

Welcome back to my Home Movies! This week, we have a high profile Criterion Collection release in Sound of Metal (which I reviewed two years ago here, as well as talked to Riz Ahmed here) hitting shelves, alongside the latest Thor adventure in Thor: Love and Thunder. Today also brings Rob Zombie‘s confusing remake of The Munsters, so it’s quite the eclectic mix. Read on for more…

Joey’s Top Pick

Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder

I don’t get why some folks weren’t into Thor: Love and Thunder. For me, it’s one of Taika Waititi‘s most fun works yet. It gave me everything I wanted out of Chris Hemsworth going to town once again as Thor. Oh well. In my review (here), I had this to say;

Once upon a time, the character of Thor was one of the least interesting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor and Thor: The Dark World were underwhelming, with the former at best a decent origin story, while the latter represents the weakest installment of the the MCU. Then, along came Taika Waititi to give him a real course correction. Thor: Ragnarok re-imagined the superhero god as a goodnatured fool at times, but always a source of huge laughs. Now, Thor: Love and Thunder is here to continue that. By having a filmmaker of this caliber at the helm, we have a Marvel adventure that’s largely self-contained, focused largely on laughter and genuine emotion.

Thor: Love and Thunder continues to show how Waititi’s interpretation of Thor makes all of the difference. He sees the heart and the humor in the God of Thunder, making him, perhaps surprisingly, given where he began, Marvel’s most consistently funny character. The dour nature of the character in Thor and Thor: The Dark World is gone. If some of the magic from Thor: Ragnarok isn’t here, it’s only due to that having the element of surprise on its side.

Also Available This Week

Bullet Proof

I Know What You Did Last Summer (4K)

Mayor of Kingstown: Season One (TV)

The Munsters

Phantasm 5-Movie Collection

Superman & Lois: The Complete Second Season (TV)

Criterion Corner


Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. 4

From The Criterion Collection: “Established by Martin Scorsese in 2007, The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project has maintained a fierce commitment to preserving and presenting masterpieces from around the globe, with a growing roster of dozens of restorations that have introduced moviegoers to often overlooked areas of cinema history. This collector’s set gathers six important works, from Angola (Sambizanga), Argentina (Prisioneros de la tierra), Iran (Chess of the Wind), Cameroon (Muna moto), Hungary (Two Girls on the Street), and India (Kalpana). Each title is an essential contribution to the art form and a window onto a filmmaking tradition that international audiences previously had limited opportunities to experience.”


Sound of Metal

From The Criterion Collection: “In Sound of Metal, a tale of sound, fury, and self-discovery, Riz Ahmed delivers an intensely committed performance as the volatile Ruben, who has found new purpose as a drummer in a noise-metal duo, playing blistering live shows with his singer girlfriend, Lou (Olivia Cooke). When Ruben suddenly loses much of his hearing, he is launched on a profound odyssey—through denial, anger, grief, and, gradually, acceptance—as he comes to understand what it means to live as a deaf person and to discover deafness as not a disability but a rich culture and community. Through stunningly immersive, Academy Award–winning sound design, director Darius Marder invites us to experience the world as Ruben does, capturing a sonic spectrum in which silence comes in a thousand shades.”

Stay tuned for more next week…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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