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Awards Radar Community: After You See ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Be Sure to Chime In With Your Reactions!

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Thor is back! Yes, Thor: Love and Thunder is now in theaters, returning Chris Hemsworth‘s iconic god to the silver screen, under the leadership of Taika Waititi. Yesterday, I used this occasion to re-rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as you can see here). Today, it’s not going to be about me. Instead, it’s all about what you all thought of the flick. As you might expect, that’s inspired this week’s Awards Radar Community Question. Once you see the film, head back over here to give us your reaction. Feel free to talk about Marvel on the whole, of course, but today/this weekend is about the God of Thunder!

When I posted my review earlier on in the week (here), I had this, in part, to say:

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Once upon a time, the character of Thor was one of the least interesting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor and Thor: The Dark World were underwhelming, with the former at best a decent origin story, while the latter represents the weakest installment of the the MCU. Then, along came Taika Waititi to give him a real course correction. Thor: Ragnarok re-imagined the superhero god as a goodnatured fool at times, but always a source of huge laughs. Now, Thor: Love and Thunder is here to continue that. By having a filmmaker of this caliber at the helm, we have a Marvel adventure that’s largely self-contained, focused largely on laughter and genuine emotion.

Thor: Love and Thunder continues to show how Waititi’s interpretation of Thor makes all of the difference. He sees the heart and the humor in the God of Thunder, making him, perhaps surprisingly, given where he began, Marvel’s most consistently funny character. The dour nature of the character in Thor and Thor: The Dark World is gone. If some of the magic from Thor: Ragnarok isn’t here, it’s only due to that having the element of surprise on its side.

Marvel Studios

Now, it’s your turn. If/when you see Thor: Love and Thunder, chime in with your take. Is it one of Marvel’s best? Do you have MCU fatigue setting in? Whatever your thoughts are, we’re eager to find out…

What did you think of Thor: Love and Thunder? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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