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Awards Radar Community / Sunday Scaries: Ranking Your Favorite David Cronenberg Films


This weekend, the cinematic world saw the return of David Cronenberg to the world of body horror with the release of Crimes of the Future. After debuting at the Cannes Film Festival last month, the movie is now in theaters, complete with my take on it (review found here). So, to honor the filmmaker, I had planned to make this weekend’s Awards Radar Community question about your favorite Cronenberg works. However, I was also considering making the Sunday Scaries installment this week about the director’s body horror output. Then, I remembered how lazy I am, so lo and behold…we’ve combined the two today!

Yes, today we’re asking for your favorite Cronenberg flicks. When it comes to his body horror efforts (since it’s the Sunday Scaries too, after all), for most it starts with The Fly. If you’re like me and also appreciate something even more off-center, maybe you’re on the Crash, eXistenZ, or Videodrome trains? At the same time, he does venture into less gore-filled terrain, so if you’re partial to Eastern Promises or A History of Violence, that’s certainly valid, too. There are certainly plenty of options when it comes to Cronenberg.

For what it’s worth, this is how I would rank the ten best David Cronenberg films:

10. Shivers

9. The Dead Zone

8. Scanners

7. Dead Ringers

6. Crash

5. Eastern Promises

4. The Fly

3. eXistenZ

2. Videodrome

1. A History of Violence

‘The Fly’ (1986) Cinematography by Mark Irwin

Now, Crimes of the Future is out and plays very much to the body horror side of Cronenberg’s output. When you think of David Cronenberg, you’re just always going to think of body horror, even if some of his other projects have even competed for Academy Award attention. His latest is unlikely to contend for Oscar, but gorehounds may well be in for a treat.

It’s time to let us know where you stand with Cronenberg. What are your favorite flicks of his? If you happen to pick a body horror movie, that’s just an added bonus. Either way, we’re eager to find out your thoughts here. Have at it…

What are your favorite David Cronenberg films? Let us know! And stay tuned for another Sunday Scaries installment next week!


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Robert Hamer
1 year ago

I’m ride-or-die for Dead Ringers. Always, always, always. Beautifully shot, visceral and surprising, deeply-emotional tragic arc, and one of my all-time favorite performances from a man.

1 year ago

So I have 5 more Cronenberg movies lined up to watch in the coming days, but until then I’ve only seen 5 of them, which I’d rank:

  1. The Fly
  2. Eastern Promises
  3. Scanners
  4. The Dead Zone
  5. The Brood
1 year ago
Reply to  Joey Magidson

Here’s the updated list after watching 5 more, which did not go at all how I thought it would:

  1. The Fly
  2. A Dangerous Method
  3. Dead Ringers
  4. Eastern Promises
  5. Scanners
  6. The Dead Zone
  7. The Brood
  8. A History of Violence
  9. Videodrome
  10. Shivers



Written by Joey Magidson

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