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Interview: ‘Succession’ Actress J. Smith-Cameron Speaks About Gerri Kellman Being the Power Behind the Throne

Awards Radar sat down to speak with award-winning actress J. Smith-Cameron about her role as Gerri Kellman in the critically acclaimed television series Succession created by Jesse Armstrong. The satirical black comedy series centers around the dysfunctional Roy family led by patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the owner of Waystar RoyCo, a global media and entertainment conglomerate. The patriarch’s adult children, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), and Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook), fight over who will take control of the media empire after he dies.

The latest season begins after Kendall turns on Logan during a press conference telling the world that he has proof that his father was responsible for covering up some serious crimes on Waystar RoyCo’s cruise ships. Smith-Cameron says, “the main theme of season three is that he (Kendall) launches a full-on attack against the company (Waystar RoyCo). The war is excruciating and humiliating for him. And it’s a nuisance for his father and siblings. His siblings get very nasty back. The war turns ugly.”

Smith-Cameron describes her character Gerri Kellman:

“At the beginning of Succession, she is the general counsel for this huge media conglomerate. Gerri is very much the power behind the throne. She is all about acquisitions. She knows where all the bodies are buried … In season three, Gerri gets named CEO, but her job doesn’t change that much because she has always surreptitiously called all the shots. Now she openly calls all the shots, but you wouldn’t know it because Logan is still bellowing at everyone.”

View the full interview below:

Watch J. Smith-Cameron’s business savvy Gerri Kellman in all three seasons of Succession on HBO Max!


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Written by Paloma Bennett

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