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Interview: ‘Loki’ Director Kate Herron on Helming the Marvel Series

Being tasked with directing anything for Marvel is quite the unique gig. for Kate Herron, it had the added bonus of taking a character fans wanted more of and going in some wild directions with him. The end result, the Disney+ series Loki, is pretty out there, in the best way possible. Herron obviously deserves some major credit for that, so she was definitely someone I wanted to sit down with, when the opportunity arose. Yesterday I shared my conversation with head writer Michael Wadron (here). Today, it’s Herron’s turn to talk Loki with me, as its push for Emmy consideration rolls on.

Below, you can see my chat with Herron. Loki is the topic, as you might imagine, and I was particularly fascinated with the process of getting a Marvel directing job. This is one of those conversations where I get to put my theory (heard on the podcast and in other interviews) on how Marvel guides their filmmakers. Herron is chatty, funny, and open to explaining why the show went in some of the directions that it did. It all makes for a really good discussion, if I do say so myself…

Here now is my interview with Loki director Kate Herron. Enjoy:

Loki is streaming on Disney+ right now!


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[…] Interview: ‘Loki’ Director Kate Herron on Helming the Marvel Series […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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