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    TV Review: ‘The Offer’ Peels Back the Curtain on a Masterpiece

    Is The Offer a good show? Sure, it’s fun and entertaining to watch, but for movie lovers and historians, it’s an offer they simply can’t refuse. Adam Arkin, Dexter Fletcher and Colin Bucksey share directing duties of the 10-episode limited series, which dramatizes the turbulent journey it took to get The Godfather made. While watching […] More

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    Sundance Film Festival Review: Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown Want You to ‘Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul’

    Is there anything more frustrating, enraging and confounding than a megachurch? Making millions of dollars off people’s beliefs, while claiming to share the same, feels like shameless exploitation of the highest order. The new film Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul aims to skewer the megachurch business and does so with energy and charismatic stars, […] More

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    ‘The Morning Show’ Episode 8 Recap: Confirmations

    As the title of episode eight would suggest, the entire TMS staff has to scramble to confirm Mitch’s (Steve Carell) death from the ending of the previous episode. For as messy and chaotic as the entire second season has been, this episode effectively put the viewers on edge, while an entire show has to go […] More

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    ‘The Morning Show’ Episode 7 Recap: La Amara Vita

    Steve Carell‘s Mitch comes from the sidelines to have an entire episode focused on him on The Morning Show‘s seventh episode of the season. Alex (Jennifer Aniston) flew all the way to Italy – knowing exactly where to find him, puzzlingly enough – to escape her hectic and pain inducing return to TMS. Mitch is […] More

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    ‘The Morning Show’ Episode 6 Recap: A Private Person

    Alex was absent from episode six, “A Private Person,” which put a great deal of focus on Bradley (Reese Witherspoon). Bradley has always been cast in the shadow of Alex, since she wasn’t a name before TMS. Unfortunately for Bradley, she is forced into the spotlight in a big way when a tabloid leaks her […] More

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    ‘The Morning Show’ Episode 5 Recap: Ghosts

    Time to recap Episode Four of The Morning Show. This episode finds the TMS team in Las Vegas for the democratic debate, where Alex (Jennifer Aniston) has begrudgingly signed on to help moderate. Alex has enough on her plate, as journalist Maggie’s (Marcia Gay Harden) looming book about TMS is set to be released, causing […] More

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    ‘The Morning Show’ Episode 4 Recap: Kill the Fatted Calf

    UBA – the parent company that owns the titular morning show – is getting ready to launch a streaming site. Julianna Margulies television journalist Laura makes a comment to Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley that there are too many streaming services. Well, according to Bradley, you don’t have to get all of them. The Morning Show has […] More

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    TV Recap: ‘The Morning Show,’ Season 2, Episode 3: Laura

    The Morning Show’s third episode – titled “Laura” – opens in Wuhan, China, where part of the team is trying to stay on top of rumblings of a viral outbreak. Meanwhile, back in New York City, Alex (Jennifer Aniston) is getting ready to make her comeback debut on TMS, after exiting when she laid the […] More

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    TV Recap: ‘The Morning Show,’ Season 2, Episode 2: It’s Like the Flu

    Episode two of the new season of The Morning Show is a triggering flashback to early last year, just by its title: It’s Like the Flu. Who among us doesn’t know someone who said those words, or even said that line themselves? It was a time of rumblings and uncertainty – the uncertainty certainly remains […] More

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    TV Recap: ‘The Morning Show,’ Season 2, Episode 1: My Least Favorite Year

    The first season of Apple TV+’s The Morning Show was nominated for seven Emmys last year, winning just one for Billy Crudup’s supporting turn. The show, headlined by Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell, was positioned to be the streamers big series entry into the streaming wars, but the reception around The Morning Show, […] More

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