TV Recap: ‘The Morning Show,’ Season 2, Episode 3: Laura

The Morning Show’s third episode – titled “Laura” – opens in Wuhan, China, where part of the team is trying to stay on top of rumblings of a viral outbreak. Meanwhile, back in New York City, Alex (Jennifer Aniston) is getting ready to make her comeback debut on TMS, after exiting when she laid the entire company out to dry on air. A lot of people haven’t forgiven her, especially her TMS partner, Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), who is getting ready to say goodbye to Eric (Hasan Minhaj), who took Alex’s spot when she left.

Alex’s return involves a lot of press coverage, including journalists, waiting for her outside of a restaurant, when she goes to meet Bradley. More anxiously, Alex is scheduled for a sit-down interview with Laura (Julianna Margulies, a welcome addition to the new season), who is notorious for getting deep and personal in her interviews.

On the periphery, Mitch (Steve Carell) continues to find new life in Italy. That’s the problem, thus far, with the new season of The Morning Show; everything feels on the periphery. The show is undoubtedly an ensemble, but there’s no strong point of view or focus this season. While the first season discussed a lot of topical issues, the Me Too movement was always front of mind. So much has happened around us since the first season had its debut, that The Morning Show’s biggest weakness is trying to get its arms around all of it. It makes for messy television.


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Written by Matt Passantino

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