‘The Morning Show’ Episode 4 Recap: Kill the Fatted Calf

UBA – the parent company that owns the titular morning show – is getting ready to launch a streaming site. Julianna Margulies television journalist Laura makes a comment to Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley that there are too many streaming services. Well, according to Bradley, you don’t have to get all of them.

The Morning Show has entered the streaming wars chat.

Like it was stated in previous recaps, season two feels like a checklist, making sure to hit every topic of conversation. Alex (Jennifer Aniston) has made her return to TMS, which provides some uncomfortable antics, and she is being pursued by Cory (Billy Crudup) to moderate the Democratic National Debate, even though she has no interested and more people at TMS have put their names in for consideration.

It’s beginning to become much clearer that The Morning Show won’t be a long running series – and that’s fine! Shows no longer have to last five-plus seasons, because like everything else in entertainment, the landscape has changed. A popular show can end after three seasons and keep its goodwill and not stretch beyond that for the sake of its popularity. But The Morning Show has no clear vision; it’s just an excuse to see A-list stars work through the daily drama of a morning show. There’s some inherent fun, but that can only last so long. 


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Written by Matt Passantino

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