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Interview: Zoey Deutch Returns to Talk About ‘Not Okay’ and Much More!

Zoey Deutch is an underrated gem. As I said here when I first interviewed her earlier in the year: “For years, Zoey Deutch has been one of my favorite actresses. Whether it’s Everybody Wants Some or Flower (her breakthroughs for me) or especially Buffaloed, she has given turn after turn of terrific work. That she isn’t a bigger star legitimately bugs me, but her time is coming.” With Not Okay having hit Hulu this summer, another discussion with her was long in the cards. It took a little longer than usual to set it up, but folks, we made it happen. I spoke to filmmaker Quinn Shepherd here, but today, I can present my latest conversation with Deutch.

In my rave review of Not Okay (found here), I had this to say, including about Deutch’s performance:

It’s hard not to be blown away by both Zoey Deutch and Quinn Shephard. One is an actress at the height of her young powers, while the other is an emerging filmmaking force. With Not Okay, they come together in a wildly entertaining and deeply satirical manner. Well acted, very funny, and with a surprisingly compelling emotional core, there’s a full cinematic meal within this flick. Consider this movie one of the summer’s bigger surprises, not because of what it is (I always assumed it would be good), but because of what it’s not, and considering the potential landmines here, that’s not nothing.

Zoey Deutch has rarely been better here, with a terrific central role to sink her teeth into, while Mia Isaac confirms that Don’t Make Me Go was no fluke. Isaac has the heavier role and plays it with aplomb. Deutch is the star though, playing a character that stands tall with her creations in Buffaloed and Flower. Few actresses are as willing and eager to dive into characters like this, and our cinematic world is all the better for it. Deutch is fearless and deserves legitimate awards attention for this turn.

Below, you can hear my chat with Deutch. We talk plenty about Not Okay, but I once again was keen to dig into how she picks these challenging yet rewarding roles. It’s hardly all we spoke about, as it was a wide ranging conversation, even including something as silly as Burger King. She’s a terrific actress, but Deutch is also just a terrific person, so you’ll have more evidence of that here today…

Hulu / Searchlight Pictures

Here now is my interview with Not Okay star Zoey Deutch. Enjoy:

Not Okay is available to stream on Hulu now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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