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Interview: ‘Not Okay’ Filmmaker Quinn Shephard on Her Second Directorial Outing

It’s almost upsetting how quickly Quinn Shephard has become a skilled writer and director. I don’t mean that as a criticism either, she’s just putting everyone to shame with her talent. After all, she made her filmmaking debut at such a young age with Blame, most other artists are still in the process of learning, let alone doing. Now, following up that acclaimed and accomplished first feature with a terrific sophomore film in Not Okay, she’s truly established herself as not just someone to watch, but a future A-lister. Shephard tells stories in a wildly confident manner, allowing her movies to take big swings. The results speak for themselves. Recently, I got the chance to chat a bit with her about the flick. Today, that talk comes your way!

Below, you can see my conversation with Shephard. We talk about her prior film Blame, working with Zoey Deutch (who told me how excited she was for me to see the movie when I interviewed her here, earlier in the year), and lots more. We also laugh a lot, as you might expect. Not Okay is such a juicy flick to dig into, it makes for a discussion with the writer/director easy to have. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can stream it on Hulu. It’s a must see, both for Deutch’s performance and for Shephard’s emerging talent.

In my review of Not Okay (found here), I had this to say about the young filmmaker’s work:

Writer/director Quinn Shephard announced herself as a 22 year old directing talent with Blame back in 2018, but she raises her game here. Not Okay has all of the confidence and skill of Blame, but with larger scale, an even darker outlook, and a newfound handle on comedy. Casting Deutch and Isaac was an aces move on her part, but her commitment to exploring an unlikable central character is just as worthy of kudos.

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Here now is my interview with Not Okay filmmaker Quinn Shephard. Enjoy:

Not Okay is available to watch on Hulu!


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