Kevin Smith Reportedly Developing a Sequel to ‘Tusk’

It seems as if Wallace, the walrus man, might make a comeback. Kevin Smith is reportedly developing a sequel to his 2014 horror comedy film, Tusk. The report surfaced when Justin Long, the actor who brought the titular character to life almost eight years ago, told Slash Film that the project is in development.

In the original film, Long played Wallace Bryton, the host of a popular podcast which focused on making fun of strange people from around the world. Originally, Bryton was supposed to find the Kill Bill kid, named after the fact that he accidentally cut his own leg with a katana. When Bryton arrived in Canada only to find out his person of interest had committed suicide, he resorted to look for other options.

That led him to find Howard Howe (Michael Parks), a retired seaman in a wheelchair. Howe tells Bryton the story of how a walrus saved his life one day, when he was exploring the sea. After drugging Bryton with tea, Howe proceeds to amputate him in an attempt to insert him into a walrus costume, recreating the animal he remembers so fondly.

A sequel to Tusk hasn’t been officially announced as of yet (even though people like our editor Joey Magidson have championed the movie here), but after years of Smith teasing the possibility of a continuation, and with the recent comments from Long, it is pretty safe to say that the sequel will not take a long time to be greenlit and produced. For now, Clerks III is coming next month, so look for Joey’s review soon, as well as his conversations with Smith and the cast.

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Slash Film.


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Written by Diego Peralta

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