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Ranking the Films of David Gordon Green

“Stronger” (2017) Cinematography by Sean Bobbitt

David Gordon Green is a filmmaker who fascinates me. He started out his filmmaking career by being compared to a young Terrence Malick. Then, he transitioned to mainstream comedies, before having a run with movie stars who hadn’t gotten their on-screen dues in a bit. Most recently, he’s been on a horror kick. So, you can never pin Green down. With The Exorcist: Believer having just hit theaters, I figured today was a good day to look at his career so far.

Below, you can see how I rank Green’s movies. For my money, he’s only made three flicks that I would shrug off as work I couldn’t recommend. In addition to the just released The Exorcist: Believer (reviewed here), it would be his two lesser comedic offerings in The Sitter and Your Highness. Everything else is worth seeing, with All the Real Girls still standing tall as his best work. As for the rest? You can find out next…

Here now is my ranking of the films directed by David Gordon Green:

Universal Pictures

16. Your Highness

15. The Exorcist: Believer

14. The Sitter

13. Halloween Ends

12. Our Brand is Crisis

11. Halloween Kills

10. Manglehorn

9. Undertow

8. George Washington

7. Joe

6. Snow Angels

5. Halloween

4. Prince Avalanche

3. Pineapple Express

2. Stronger

1. All the Real Girls

What are your favorite films by David Gordon Green? Let us know!


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Brian H.
Brian H.
1 month ago

I realized I’ve now seen all of his movies….not that I’m a huge fan. I’d say 1-3 on my list I’d consider great movies. I think Joe and All the Real Girls were in my top 10’s the year they came out or just outside. 4-6 I’d consider good and recommend but they are far from great. 7-10 I couldn’t recommend but I enjoy some things about them. 11-16 I think are all pretty poor and a complete waste of time.

  1. Joe
  2. All the Real Girls
  3. George Washington
  4. Manglehorn
  5. Snow Angels
  6. Halloween
  7. Prince Avalanche
  8. Stronger
  9. Our Brand is Crisis
  10. Pineapple Express
  11. Halloween Ends
  12. Undertow
  13. Exorcist Believer
  14. Halloween Kills
  15. Your Highness
  16. Sitter, The
Robert Hamer
1 month ago

Can’t possibly argue with your #1. Excellent movie.



Written by Joey Magidson

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