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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of October 9th – ‘Stray’ Begs for the Laughs

Welcome back to my Home Movies! This week, we have the dirty dog comedy Strays hitting shelves. Also being released today is a top-tier Criterion Collection title in Videodrome. What else is available? Read on to find out…

Joey’s Top Pick

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Listen, is Strays high art? No, not at all. Now, is it very funny? If you’re like me, it sure is. So, this is one of those things where you sort of already know if it’s for you or not. For me, I dug the film. My review here of the movie includes the following:

It’s no secret that I love dogs. I’m an animal lover to begin with, but dogs have a special place in my heart. So, normally when there is dog-centric cinema, I’m on high alert for an emotionally manipulative death. Luckily, Strays is far from that kind of a film. A raunchy comedy about canines on a revenge mission of sorts, it’s far more broad than that. At the same time, there’s a bit more going on than you might expect. The kind of movie that makes a Marley & Me joke but also has multiple comedy set-pieces centered around feces isn’t exactly going to be high art, but it endeavors to consistently make you laugh. Do all of the jokes hit? No. Do more of them land than I was expecting? Most definitely.

Strays has a very dirty mind, that’s for sure, but it also has a surprisingly pure heart at its core. Almost everyone going in will expect the former, though the latter may be sprung on some. One has to assume that anyone buying a ticket to Strays is signing up for raunch. They basically already know if they’re going to like it or not. I’m here to confirm that they will, while hoping that some who think they won’t will give it a shot.

Also Available This Week

Bleecker Street Media

The Boogeyman

Fatal Attraction: The Complete First Season (TV)

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: The Complete Series (TV)


The League

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Westworld: The Complete Series (TV)

Yellowjackets: Season Two (TV)

Criterion Corner

“Videodrome” (1983) Cinematography by Mark Irwin


From The Criterion Collection: “When Max Renn goes looking for edgy new material for his sleazy cable TV station, he stumbles across the pirate broad­­cast of a hyperviolent torture show called “Videodrome.” His attempts to unearth the program’s origins send him on a hallucinatory journey into a shadow world of right-wing conspiracies, sado­masochistic sex games, and bodily trans­formation. Starring James Woods and Deborah Harry, Videodrome is one of the most original and provocative works from writer-director David Cronenberg, and features ground­breaking makeup effects by Academy Award winner Rick Baker.”

Stay tuned for more next week…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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