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Interview: ‘The Creator’ Co-Cinematographers Greig Fraser and Oren Soffer Discuss the Sci-Fi Epic’s Distinct Visual Style

The first thing you notice when you watch The Creator is how it looks. Not only does it look gorgeous, it has a tactile look to it that you just don’t see in films these days. When you consider the somewhat modest budget that filmmaker Gareth Edwards utilized, it’s all the more impressive. Moreover, the fact that he had two different cinematographers working with him, the achievement is even bigger. Greig Fraser was supposed to shoot the movie, but ended up having to leave at a certain point for Dune 2, turning the on the ground work to protege Oren Soffer. Earlier in the week, the pair hopped on Zoom to talk to me about this very unique experience. I spoke to Fraser previously here for Dune, but today, he’s joined by Soffer to chat about The Creator.

In my review of The Creator (found here), I had the following to say about the film’s visuals:

Edwards has some incredible talent behind the camera, with Greig Fraser sharing co-cinematographer duties with Oren Soffer, while the editing triumvirate is Hank CorwinScott Morris, and Joe Walker. Throw in a score by Hans Zimmer and everyone below the line is doing terrific work. Fraser and Soffer especially help Edwards to take your breath away.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Fraser and Soffer. We break down not only how they shot this film, but why this style is so unique and distinctive. Listening to the pair, the movie’s look is just even that more easy to praise. The way they executed Edwards’ vision for The Creator harkens back to Monsters, which is pretty cool, too. Plus, they’re just fun guys to talk to, so this is a very enjoyable conversation coming your way. Be sure to check out the flick this weekend when it opens, only in theaters…

Here now is my interview with The Creator cinematographers Greig Fraser and Oren Soffer. Enjoy:

The Creator is in theaters tomorrow!


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[…] Interview: ‘The Creator’ Co-Cinematographers Greig Fraser and Oren Soffer Discuss the Sc… […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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