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Awards Radar Community: Who Is Your Favorite Cinematic President?

The American President (1995) Cinematography by John Seale

Today is Presidents’ Day. As we celebrate (or mostly celebrate) the men (for now, at least) who have guided the United States over the years, it’s only natural to think about Presidents from the world of movies and television. So, for this week’s Awards Radar Community Question, the cinematic Commanders in Chief are on our minds. Namely, we’re asking the following: who is your favorite cinematic President?

If you’re just thinking of films, I’d like to put forward Jeff Bridges in The Contender, Michael Douglas in The American President, Harrison Ford in Air Force One, Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks, Kevin Pollack in Deterrence, Bill Pullman in Independence Day, and Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove. Now, if you include presumed Presidents, we can get to ten by including George Clooney in The Ides of March and John Travolta in Primary Colors. This doesn’t even take into account playing real-life Presidents, like Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. On the small screen, there’s obviously Martin Sheen from The West Wing, butt here’s also Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep. So, we’re spoiled for choice.

The choice is yours. On this Presidents’ Day, which fictional interpretation is your favorite? Whichever chief you’d like to hail, we want to know about it. I listed mine above, but feel free to suggest others. Everyone is on the table…

‘The West Wing’ Cinematography by Thomas Del Ruth

Who are your favorite fictional Presidents? Let us know!


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Brian H.
Brian H.
9 months ago

Great question. I have to mention I loved your inclusion of Kevin Pollacks president in Deterrence. Not a great movie, but very good and fun and he just makes every movie he’s in better. And I think that’s his only lead performance?

For me it’s between Michael Douglas and Jeff Bridges as favorite. As we’re close to Valentine’s Day so I’ll go with Douglas. To round out my top 5 it would be Travolta (the 2nd best performance and movie of them all), Kline from Dave (I assume that counts?) and obviously Day Lewis which is the best performance of all them. But you asked for favorite.

Robert Hamer
9 months ago

It’s sad how, looking back on The Dead Zone, the idea that a venal, craven politician’s bid for President would be ruined by using a baby as a human shield is… overly optimistic in hindsight.

Dead Zone.jpg
Robert Hamer
9 months ago
Reply to  Joey Magidson

That baby was a crisis actor set up by the globalists. In fact, it’s good that Stillson put that baby in front of himself. It triggered the libs and showed everyone that he’s not afraid to make sacrifices to make America great again!

9 months ago

President Schwarzenegger from The Simpsons Movie, now and forever.



Written by Joey Magidson

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