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Interview: ‘The Simpsons’ Co-Showrunner Matt Selman on the Enduring Legacy of the Show and Keeping Things Fresh

There is a reason that The Simpsons is an absolute television classic and one of the all-time great shows, let alone animated ones. One of the reasons is obviously the writing. Matt Selman has been a part of that success for years now, rising up the ranks from the writing staff to a producer and now a co-showrunner with Al Jean. I actually had seen his name on many a classic episode, including “Behind the Laughter,” as well as having been a terrific guest on the Doughboys podcast (co-hosted by Mike Mitchell, who I interviewed here, and yes, I’m wearing them on my shirt. Selman actually complimented me on it and we joked about that a bit before we started recording), so when he was one of the available talents to talk with after their latest Emmy nominations, I jumped at the chance. Today, I present to you my chat with one of the minds behind one of the funniest shows ever made.

Below, you can see my conversation with Selman. We recorded this discussion prior to San Diego Comic-Con, so he actually shared some news about the upcoming season before the world knew. You’ll get to see that bit, as well as us talking about the various video games that The Simpsons have put out, how The Simpsons Movie and a potential sequel factors into coming up with new seasons, and much more. It’s a wonderful chat and Selman was very generous with his time. The Simpsons is consistently Emmy nominated for a reason, with Selman being a major part of it these days. He’s quick to make sure we credit the whole team, however, which in turn is a credit to his graciousness.

Here now is my interview with The Simpsons‘ producer, writer, and co-showrunner Matt Selman. Enjoy:

The Simpsons is once again nominated at the Emmy Awards and can be seen, as always, on Fox!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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