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Interview: Mike Mitchell Chats About Podcasting, ‘The Tomorrow War,’ and Much More!

Mike Mitchell is many things. He’s an actor, a podcaster, and a writer. He’s also both one of the funniest as well as nicest guys in the business. If you’ve heard any of his comedy/food podcast Doughboys that he does with Nick Wiger, that much is clear. From his performing and writing in The Birthday Boys comedy team, all the way to now with his scene-stealing turn in The Tomorrow War, Mitchell is always entertaining to see in action. You may have seen him on the Netflix series Love, or in the indie movie Other People, but wherever you see or hear him, he’s bound to entertain. Last week, I was lucky enough to hop on Zoom for just about an hour with him, which was just another example of how nice he is. Generosity aside, we had a blast, which comes to you now today…

In my review of The Tomorrow War, I pointed out Mitchell among the cast. Here is a bit of that:

This is definitely a Chris Pratt vehicle, but he’s not the only one who shines. While Pratt is a very appealing hero, Sam Richardson and Yvonne Strahovski are just as good, playing layered characters. Edwin Hodge is a solid action player too, radiating intensity. J.K. Simmons makes the most of a small yet crucial supporting part, as does Ryan Kiera Armstrong, while comedians like Mike Mitchell and Mary Lynn Rajskub optimize what might have been throwaway roles.

Below, you can see my interview with Mitchell. We spent a lot of time on his podcast and The Tomorrow War, as you might imagine. The former is a favorite of mine, while the latter shows that he needs to be in films more. The podcast, Doughboys, has him and Wiger review a different chain restaurant each week, with hilarious results. Their dynamic is terrific, the guests are great, and it really does make you hungry. As for his supporting turn here, he carves out space in a flick that easily could have made his character a throwaway one. Be sure to check back on my interviews with other cast members Sam Richardson (here) and Yvonne Strahovski (here), as well as director Chris McKay (here). McKay and Richardson are even on recent Doughboys episodes! As for Mitchell, again, he was incredibly generous with his time, and we really did go long, so consider this a super-sized interview.

Here now is my chat with The Tomorrow War co-star, comedian, and podcaster Mike Mitchell. Enjoy:

The Tomorrow War is streaming right now on Prime Video!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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