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Interview: Sam Richardson Discusses Bringing Comedic Sensibilities to Action in ‘The Tomorrow War’

Sam Richardson is one of the more talented comic actors working today. Last year, he mixed comedic and romantic chops in the deeply underrated romantic comedy Hooking Up. He also memorably had a major role on the show Veep, regularly stealing scenes. He’ll also be seen in the horror comedy Werewolves Within at the Tribeca Film Festival (look for a review this week), before it hits theaters later on this month. Richardson is a pro, that much goes without saying. Now, when The Tomorrow War opens next month, you’ll see him in an action flick. Having seen the film (but am under embargo), I was thrilled to speak with him again (we spoke last year for Hooking Up). That conversation comes your way today.

Below, you can see my chat with Richardson. We do our best to talk around the major plot points of The Tomorrow War, but do keep in mind that it’s possible something may fall under the “spoiler” category of topics. Mostly, we just talked about what goes into making an action movie, as well as if having comedy skills proved to be a benefit. It’s a light and often silly conversation, which made it a pleasure to talk to him. He’s a very good dude and is clearly having a great time, post Veep. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him. At the moment, that’s a talk with me…

Here now is my interview with The Tomorrow War co-star Sam Richardson. Enjoy:

Sam Richardson can be seen in The Tomorrow War, streaming on Prime Video July 2nd!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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