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Interview: Director Chris McKay Chats About the Influences Behind ‘The Tomorrow War’

Taking on the job of directing something as big as The Tomorrow War is a true yeoman’s task. So many things can just make it a soul-sucking experience. Director Chris McKay, however, clearly was up to the job. As you’ll hear him discuss today, his prep work was off the charts. I’ll have more to say specifically about the film once the embargo lifts, but this morning brings my recent conversation with McKay. Just as an interview, it’s definitely a good one. In a very real way, this is the gig that the storyteller had been waiting his whole life to take on.

Below, you can see my talk to McKay about The Tomorrow War. Yesterday, you saw me speak to one of his cast members in Sam Richardson (here). McKay definitely brings up Richardson, along with Mike Mitchell, and of course star Chris Pratt, but we spend a lot of time on the monsters. When you hear how much input he had with their development, you can blame him for your potential nightmares. It’s a pleasure to listen to a guy as passionate as he is. The way he talks about the science fiction influences that got him here, as well as the effects work on the creatures, you can tell this is his happy place. The results should prove infectious…

Here now is my chat with The Tomorrow War helmer Chris McKay. Enjoy:

The Tomorrow War, directed by Chris McKay, will be available to stream on Prime Video July 2nd!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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