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Interview: Juno Temple Discusses the Evolution of Her Career and Accepting ‘The Offer’

As I told Juno Temple last week, for a while she felt like an industry secret. Whether it was Kaboom, Killer Joe, or several other roles, Temple consistently compelled, while never really being given a shot to soar. Then, Ted Lasso came along and changed the game, which directly has led to her juicy role in The Offer, where she’s an absolute highlight. With the show, which depicts the tumultuous making of The Godfather, debuting on Paramount+ this week, our discussions with some of the cast continue. Yesterday, it was her co-star Miles Teller (here) discussing The Offer with me. Today, it’s Temple’s turn to talk.

Below, you can see my chat with Temple, which was a lot of fun. While I couldn’t help but highlight some of her earlier work (and truly, who doesn’t love her on Ted Lasso?), the focus is on The Offer. In particular, I was interested to hear about her evolution in the industry, which she details really compellingly. Hearing how she was, no pun intended, offered The Offer is not just a good story, but also a great development for an actress I’m delighted more people are coming to appreciate. She deserves to be a huge star, without question.

This is a small bit from our review (here) of The Offer, which highlighted Temple opposite Teller:

Teller has always brought a confidence and swagger to his performances, which suits him well here as he tries to appear confident to everyone, even when he isn’t sure he is still the right person for the job. His rapport with his assistant Bettye McCart (a series standout Juno Temple) is one of the highlights of The Offer.

Here now is my interview with The Offer co-star Juno Temple. Enjoy:

The Offer debuts on Paramount+ on April 28th!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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