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Interview: Alex Wolff Returns to Continue the Conversation about ‘Pig’

Alex Wolff is somehow already both an insanely compelling actor as well as a bit of an underrated one. His star is continuing to rise, whether it’s in Hereditary, Old, or Pig. Whether it’s a lead or supporting turn, you know you’re in for a treat. With Pig, not only did he get to have a plum role, he got to act opposite Nicolas Cage in one of the latter’s juiciest roles in years. The experience certainly made an impression on him, too. Back around the time of the film’s release over the summer, I spoke to Wolff about it. Now, as the movie hopes to contend during awards season, he returned to talk more with me about the experience.

Last time around, I had this to say about Pig and Wolff, and it all holds true still:

When you watch Pig, you obviously pay attention to Nicolas Cage. The Academy Award winner is doing some tremendous work for filmmaker Michael Sarnoski in this very unique character study. You really should be reveling in his work, but it’s not just Cage who impresses. Alex Wolff is also doing something really impressive here. Building off of his riveting turn in Hereditary, Wolff is quickly becoming one of the more exciting and interesting up and coming actors in the business. As Pig hits theaters today and his next film Old comes out next week, I present to you a recent Zoom conversation between Wolff and I.

Below, you can hear my latest chat with Wolff. We continue our discussion of Pig, with this time a lot of the interaction centered on getting to work with Cage. I don’t know about you, but if I got to spend every day watching Cage do such great work, I’d want to rave about it, too. The pair are at the tops of their respective games, helping to make an already great film even better. So, it was a pleasure to reconnect with Wolff. The flick is now out on home video as well as on demand, so if you haven’t seen it, make it your business to correct that.

My Pig review included the following bit:

Nicolas Cage has arguably not been this good since Adaptation. His work here stands alongside that and his Oscar-winning turn in Leaving Las Vegas (one of my all-time favorite performances by any actor) as career high points. Cage is brilliant here, crossing John Wick‘s title character with his Ben from Leaving Las Vegas. You’ve never seen him quite like this before, and that’s saying something. Adam Arkin has a small but intense role, while Alex Wolff is again his reliably good self. As far as exciting young actors go, Wolff is up there, for sure. Supporting players include David Knell, but this is really about Cage, through and through. Cage is spectacular and deserves to be feted as a master of his craft, once again.

Here now is my interview with Pig co-star Alex Wolff. Enjoy:

Pig is available to own now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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