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Interview: Alex Wolff Discusses What Made ‘Pig’ Such an Attractive Opportunity

When you watch Pig, you obviously pay attention to Nicolas Cage. The Academy Award winner is doing some tremendous work for filmmaker Michael Sarnoski in this very unique character study. You really should be reveling in his work, but it’s not just Cage who impresses. Alex Wolff is also doing something really impressive here. Building off of his riveting turn in Hereditary, Wolff is quickly becoming one of the more exciting and interesting up and coming actors in the business. As Pig hits theaters today and his next film Old comes out next week, I present to you a recent Zoom conversation between Wolff and I.

In my rave review of Pig (found here), I had this to say about the performances from Cage and Wolff:

Nicolas Cage has arguably not been this good since Adaptation. His work here stands alongside that and his Oscar-winning turn in Leaving Las Vegas (one of my all-time favorite performances by any actor) as career high points. Cage is brilliant here, crossing John Wick‘s title character with his Ben from Leaving Las Vegas. You’ve never seen him quite like this before, and that’s saying something. Adam Arkin has a small but intense role, while Alex Wolff is again his reliably good self. As far as exciting young actors go, Wolff is up there, for sure.

Below, you can see my chat with Wolff. Having spoken with his brother Nat Wolff (here) recently, I was able to joke with him as well about their cut scene in This is 40. Here, we discuss Pig, Nic Cage, and what exactly attracted him to this role. It’s a very relaxed discussion, one that highlights what a chill dude Wolff is. Both of the brothers are awesome, as well as both deeply talented and incredibly nice. That simple fact made this a pleasure. As you’ll see next, it was a short talk, but a sweet one, to be sure. Be sure to check out Pig, too, as it’s one of the best movies of the year, so far…

Here now is my interview with Pig co-star Alex Wolff. Enjoy:

Alex Wolff can be seen in Pig, in theaters today!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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