‘The Morning Show’ Episode 7 Recap: La Amara Vita

Steve Carell‘s Mitch comes from the sidelines to have an entire episode focused on him on The Morning Show‘s seventh episode of the season. Alex (Jennifer Aniston) flew all the way to Italy – knowing exactly where to find him, puzzlingly enough – to escape her hectic and pain inducing return to TMS. Mitch is hesitant to let her in, but ultimately does after her insistent pleading. He also tells her he has been exposed to the coronavirus and is under quarantine, but Alex doesn’t care and just wants to be somewhere that isn’t New York City.

Alex’s decision to go see Mitch is based on her anticipating of the upcoming book written about their tenure together at TMS. What did Mitch say? What’s going to be written that could make Alex look bad? All of that fades away when they start drinking wine and having a good time together, Alex seemingly forgetting the reason Mitch fled to Italy.

It’s a nice change of pace to get outside of the drama in New York City for the latest episode, but what more can be said about The Morning Show? The appeal of the first season was the stars, but can these actors really entice audiences to keep coming back, even for the final episodes of this season, and drudging them through what is now the past? It’s a tough sell and The Morning Show isn’t making the case.


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Written by Matt Passantino

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