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Interview: Zazie Beetz Chats About ‘Nine Days’ and Much More

Zazie Beetz has done a lot and come a long way in a relatively short period of time. An exciting young actress, she’s made her bones on the small screen with Atlanta and Invincible, while also captivating on the big screen. Whether it’s Deadpool 2, High Flying Bird, Joker, or most recently Nine Days, she just has got the goods. Soon, you’ll also all see her in The Harder They Fall (review coming soon to the site), where she’s terrific as well. Last week, I got the chance to talk to Beetz, relating to the home video release of Nine Days. We had a good chat, the results of which you can hear today.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Beetz. We spend most of the time talking in relation to Nine Days, but I made sure to bring up other work as well. Having recently seen The Harder They Fall, that was on my mind, but having spotted her years ago in James White and especially Wolves, I had to mention those as well. She got a kick out of the James White reference, too, joking that she’s not even really in it, comparatively. Mostly, this is just a casual back and forth with an immensely talented yet very down to Earth young actress who’s certainly going places. It was a pleasure, as you’re about to find out…

Here now is my interview with Nine Days co-star Zazie Beetz. Enjoy:

Nine Days is available to own on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow!


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[…] Interview: Zazie Beetz Chats About ‘Nine Days’ and Much More […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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