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Interview: Hans Zimmer Talks Music and His Love for ‘Dune’

Hans Zimmer is a legend and a musical genius, full stop. The Oscar winning composer has eleven nominations to his credit, winning for The Lion King, and is well on his way to an even dozen. Zimmer is an early Academy Award frontrunner in Best Original Score for Dune, and rightly so. Dune works for a lot of reason, but Zimmer’s big score is certainly among them. He composes music like no other. Currently being heard on the score for No Time to Die, Zimmer is about to move away from James Bond and settle on Arrakis with Denis Villeneuve. Last week, I was lucky enough to spend some time on the phone with him, and today, I’m thrilled to present our discussion to you…

As I mentioned yesterday with my Joe Walker interview (here), in my review of Dune out of the Toronto International Film Festival, I was fairly effusive in my praise. In particular, I took note of the technical achievement by Villeneuve, Walker, Zimmer, and more. Here is a bit from my TIFF take:

Denis Villeneuve was passionate about this and it shows. Not just directing but co-writing with Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts, Villeneuve wants to capture your imagination at all turns. Having composer Hans Zimmer working overtime to immerse you in the sounds of Dune doesn’t hurt, nor does the awe-inspiring visuals from cinematographer Greig Fraser. The editing from Joe Walker keeps you focused in all of the right places. The editing is where this easily could have crumbled, so he deserves amble credit. Villeneuve the director is really knocking it out of the park here.

Below, you can hear my chat with Zimmer. I was delighted by how fun he was to talk to. Not only is he a huge fan of Dune, he seems just thrilled to be talking about working on it. He’s humble, rejecting (wrongly) my claims of his genius, but also just gregarious and all about the joy of the work. As he heads towards his twelfth Academy Award nomination, as well as potentially his second win, it’s clear he’s enjoying it being for Dune. Truly, Zimmer is doing what he loves, and it shows. Check out the interview next and be sure not to miss the film when it opens later on this week!

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Here now is my conversation with Dune composer and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. Enjoy:

Dune is in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend!


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[…] Interview: Hans Zimmer Talks Music and His Love for ‘Dune’ […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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