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Interview: Rebecca Ferguson Discusses Entering the World of ‘Dune’ and Playing in That Sandbox

Rebecca Ferguson has only burst on the scene really over the last handful of years, but she’s sure left an impact. With Dune, she uses her impressive screen presence to build up a character that so easily could have been given short shrift. Luckily, Ferguson was teamed up with quite the cast, while filmmaker Denis Villeneuve gave the material all of the love and attention that it deserved. The end result is something ambitious and impressive. You all can finally check it out in just a few days. Today, though, I present to you a discussion with Ferguson about the big flick.

Below, you can hear my chat with Ferguson. It’s an interesting one, because she’s terrific, though the time difference led to me being awake at 6AM to talk with her. Having had to have been up late the night before, I was in rough shape. Hopefully you can’t tell, but suffice it to say, she’s doing the heavy lifting here. Still, we get to talk Dune, and that’s a lot of fun, to be sure.

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As I mentioned yesterday with Hans Zimmer (here) and the day before with Joe Walker interview (here), I was quite taken by the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. Ferguson’s work among the cast is no different. Here is a bit from my TIFF take:

Dune is a spectacle, through and through. Bold, serious, and dedicated to launching a whole new franchise, it’s a gamble that’s paid off. While it’s no masterpiece of re-invention of science fiction, it manages to show that the right amount of care can make something unwieldy like this work. So easily could this have crashed and burned, it not being a disaster already was a success. That it’s a very good film, through and through, is almost a miracle.

A star-studded cast takes this material as seriously as needed for this sort of sci-fi. Timothée Chalamet has the most substantial role, while Jason Momoa is clearly having the most fun. Along with Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac, they have the most to do. 

Here now is my conversation with Dune star Rebecca Ferguson. Enjoy:

Dune is in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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