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Interview: Filmmaker Eliza Hittman Discusses the Challenges of Making ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’

Eliza Hittman is a writer and director unlike anyone else in the business. Her first film, It Felt Like Love, as well as her second one, Beach Rats, established her as someone to watch. However, it was this year and her movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always that really broke her out. The teen drama, centered on a girl’s trip to New York City in order to secure an abortion, is equally heartbreaking, infuriating, and riveting. Easily one of the crowning achievements of 2020, Hittman’s flick stands tall. With the independent feature starting to pop up during the precursor season, it was a great time to talk to the filmmaker about her best work to date.

Below you can hear my conversation with Eliza Hittman. As fellow Brooklynites, we bonded a bit over that, before getting into Never Rarely Sometimes Always. She and I spoke about the casting process, how an indie like this comes together, and much more. The issue at hand, women’s health, and especially reproductive health, is as timely as ever, so the subject matter demands your attention. Moreover, Hittman has crafted a film that you’ll never forget. It’s stayed with me since late February/early March, when I saw it, that’s for sure.

Special note: This week is Never Rarely Sometimes Always week here at Awards Radar, to some degree. Not only do we have Hittman chatting today, tomorrow is Talia Ryder, with Sidney Flanigan stopping by on Wednesday. Moreover, expect a full piece on the film very soon, as it’s such a special work. Some movies will slip through the cracks this year, but Never Rarely Sometimes Always should not be one of them.

Here now is my chat with filmmaker Eliza Hittman. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Never Rarely Sometimes Always, available now on DVD, On Demand, and VOD from Focus Features!


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[…] Interview: Filmmaker Eliza Hittman Discusses the Challenges of Making ‘Never Rarely Sometimes … […]


[…] I mentioned on the podcasts with Flanigan (here), Hittman (here), and Ryder (here), it would have been easy for this flick to have fallen through the cracks. […]


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Written by Joey Magidson

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