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Interview: Chatting ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ with Season 15 Champion, Sasha Colby

From the moment Sasha Colby entered the “Werk Room”, the audience knew we had drag royalty. Sasha is the definition of a living legend. If you follow the world of drag, you know Sasha’s name. Before Sasha won this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Sasha had already won Miss Continental in 2012 and had been someone that the drag community had known and respected.

Sasha went into the competition and did brilliantly. She won 4 Maxi challenges and was was never in the bottom, which is of course, not a normal thing for a winner. But even though she did incredibly well, that doesn’t mean this season wasn’t difficult. When I asked her about her time on the show, she described it like, “… it’s like you’re a human swiss army knife.”

Besides being a fierce competitor, Sasha is also a trans model and activist. I asked her about how this competition has given her more of a platform or a different kind of platform to support the trans community, and she responded, “I feel like my platform has maybe been there, but maybe now it’s heightened and broadened where I can reach more people. It’s like you’re on stage and your stage opens up so then you can actually touch hands with more people on the stage.”

Enjoy this interview with the incredibly kind and forever fierce, Sasha Colby.


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Written by Max Joseph

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