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Interview: Talia Ryder Talks About the Power of ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’

Talia Ryder Interview

There are times where you just know you’re watching an instant classic in the making. Never Rarely Sometimes Always is an example this year of that, and a real part of why is Talia Ryder. Her large supporting role in essentially a two-hander is crucial to the movie’s success. Ryder is going to be going places, and in short order, too. This film is evidence of that, with more to come, soon. So, as the awards season begins to cite the flick, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Ryder over Zoom, picking her brain. That discussion can be heard here today. Once you listen, I’m sure you’ll be eager to revisit her work, or finally check it out if you’re somehow still a holdout.

Below you can find my conversation with Talia Ryder. Her supporting turn in Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a hugely underrated work. Without question, she’s going to be a star, something Steven Spielberg has already taken notice of. Yes, you can see her next year in the West Side Story remake, with plenty more to come, without a doubt. Ryder talked to me about Never Rarely Sometimes Always, obviously, as well as just being a young actress. Plus, how she’s handling quarantine, which is something we’re all dealing with. It’s a really nice discussion, so give it a listen!

Special note: This week is Never Rarely Sometimes Always week here at Awards Radar, to some degree. Not only do we have Ryder chatting today, tomorrow is Sidney Flanigan, with Eliza Hittman having stopped by on Monday (found here). Moreover, as teased yesterday, expect a full piece on the film very soon, as it’s such a special work. Some movies will slip through the cracks this year, but Never Rarely Sometimes Always should not be one of them.

Here now is my chat with actress Talia Ryder. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Never Rarely Sometimes Always, available now on DVD, On Demand, and VOD from Focus Features!

Talia Ryder


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[…] Interview: Talia Ryder Talks About the Power of ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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