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‘Wolfwalkers’ Trailer Suggests Another Best Animated Feature Contender

One of the biggest genres to suffer from the loss of summer movies in 2020 is animation. Considering the public’s reluctance to go back to theaters, especially with their children, it’s no surprise the number of animated films sticking with a 2020 release date has dwindled to single digits. But one animated film that is keeping its intended release date of November 13 in theaters (then streaming on Apple TV+ December 11) is Wolfwalkers, the latest film from Cartoon Saloon, whose trailer dropped today. 

The third installment of Irish animation studio’s Irish folklore trilogy, following The Secret of Kells and Song of the SeaWolfwalkers continues director Tomm Moore’s vision of animated films done in an old-fashioned, hand-drawn style, designed for more warmth and beauty than the glossy, all computer-generated animated films we have come to be familiar with in recent years. 

Courtesy of AppleTV+

Wolfwalkers tells the story of Irish widower hunter Bill Goodfellowe (voiced by Sean Bean), who, in 17th century Ireland, is tasked by the evil English invader Oliver Cromwell (voiced by Simon McBurney) to kill all the remaining wolves who live in the woods of Kilkenny. But when Goodfellowe’s young daughter Robyn (voiced by Honor Kneafsey) meets a mysterious girl and develops an unusual connection with the wolves, she discovers a secret that risks everything.

The beautiful trailer signifies Wolfwalkers will be up to the standards set by Moore’s previous two films, which were each nominated for Best Animated Film at the Oscars. The reviews of Wolfwalkers were staggering out of Toronto International Film Festival, with IndeWire calling it the best animated film of the year. With the competition seemingly light, this final installment in the beloved Irish animated trilogy could just be the charm come Oscar time. 


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