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    On the Radar… (November Edition)

    Happy November, everyone! Like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we’re about to get stuffed with a full smorgasbord, a seven-course meal with plenty of leftovers, if you will, of Marvel movies, wide releases, streaming releases, major Oscar contenders for pretty much all categories (including the arguable Best Picture frontrunner and inarguable Best Lead Actress and Best […] More

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    On the Radar… (October Edition)

    Now it’s time for me to make some zero-sum decisions. Because I can’t cover every notable film release for the remainder of this year unless I’m willing to write multiple 10,000-word articles. Which I’m not. So what do I do? Pontificate about all of the “major” mainstream releases of the month, even ones that I […] More

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    On the Radar… (September Edition)

    Okay, another big change to this series because now that we’re at the heat of the awards season, when the heavy hitters start to come and make their play for serious Oscar attention, I cannot handle two months apiece for what will become a mammoth telescope into the future over the rest of the year. […] More