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    Stephen King from Page to Screen: Some Shine, Some Redeem, and Some Bite

    It’s officially spooky season. That means flannels are out, I have a bag of hand picked apples sitting on my counter reminding me that I really should have made that apple crisp by now, and it’s time to revisit some Stephen King favorites. King’s reputation as a horror writer has always been problematic simply because […] More

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    An Appreciation of Zoey Deutch and ‘Buffaloed’

    It could have been easy for Zoey Deutch to sexualize her performance in Buffaloed. Deutch’s Peg Dahl is powerful, and she repeatedly gets men to do what she wants. She instead gave a performance of an unapologetically strong woman that should resonate in film history as changing the perception of how female roles can be […] More