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Interview: Director Jessica Yu Discusses Helming ‘Quiz Lady’

When you watch Quiz Lady, you clearly see a film where everyone had a good time making it. What’s fascinating is that director Jessica Yu, who has an Oscar, mind you, is more known for drama than comedy. So, this movie is an interesting choice for her, though one she knocks out of the park. As soon as I saw the flick, I was interested in speaking with her. Last week, we sat down on Zoom for a short chat. Today, that discussion comes your way!

When I reviewed the film earlier this week (here), I had this to say about Yu’s work:

Director Jessica Yu and writer Jen D’Angelo are always having fun here. When they pause the laughs for a few actual tender moments, they land, but the focus is always on the comedy. D’Angelo and Yu hook you quickly with the quirk of the game show aspect, as well as the mission being to save Mr. Linguini. Throw in a really hilarious ending (mimicking a true life style flick) and a lot of what they do here works.

Below, you can see my conversation with Yu. I was very intrigued to hear about how it all came together. After all, it’s a dog movie, in part, and I love those. Plus, the game show aspect of it all was fascinating. It’s all content that led to a good chat, in support of a fun little film that deserves to be seen. Quiz Lady hits Hulu tomorrow and you should give it a shot. You’re almost certainly going to have a good time with it…

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Here now is my interview with Quiz Lady director Jessica Yu. Enjoy:

Quiz Lady streams on Hulu this Friday!


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