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‘Smile’ Sequel Gets a 2024 Release Date While the ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Heads From Streaming to Theaters

It was inevitable, but Paramount has officially announced a sequel to Smile, their surprise hit horror film. In addition to giving that a release date next year, the studio also made the announcement of a shift in strategy for the Mean Girls musical. Both are now officially 2024 releases.

According to Variety, Smile 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) is coming our way right around Halloween, with a release date of October 18th, 2024. No other news is available yet for that one. As for the musical version of Mean Girls, Paramount is apparently confident enough in that one to be moving it away from a Paramount+ debut. Now, we’ll be able to see it in theaters relatively soon, on January 12th, 2024. So, mark your calendars accordingly.

Source: Variety


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Written by arnewsteam

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