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Awards Radar Community: What Is Your Favorite Ryan Gosling Performance?

“Blue Valentine” (2010) Cinematography by Andrij Parekh

For those of you who don’t know, Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor working today. Whether it’s comedy or drama, blockbusters or indies, he always seems at home, committing fully to whatever he’s doing. That alone is worthy of acclaim, but his taste in projects is also impeccable. This past weekend, Gosling stunned in Barbie, turning in some amazing work. My rave review here said “Gosling is a comedic goldmine and deserves legitimate Best Supporting Actor consideration. The amount that he throws himself into this role is staggering and staggeringly delightful. The commitment itself is hilarious, let alone his comic timing.” To continue with the Barbenheimer related content, today I’m presenting a bonus Awards Radar Community Question. When it comes to this Academy Award nominated actor, which performances of his are your favorite?

Gosling has incredibly underrated range. From high drama to big comedy, he’s proven he can do it all. For my money, and I’ll share my top ten list below, he’s never been better than in Blue Valentine, one of my favorite performances of the past 25 years. That being said, Barbie is my favorite performance of the year so far and an instantly iconic addition to his filmography. Your list will obviously differ from mine, but I’m definitely curious to see where everyone stands on his work, both the Oscar nominated and the snubbed alike.

For those curious, these are my top ten Ryan Gosling performances, as it stands today:

Honorable Mention: Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March, The Notebook, The Slaughter Rule, The United States of Leland

10. The Believer

9. The Place Beyond the Pines

8. The Nice Guys

7. Lars and the Real Girl

6. La La Land

5. First Man

4. Drive

3. Half Nelson

2. Barbie

1. Blue Valentine

The choice is now yours. Which performance or performances from Ryan Gosling so far are your favorite? Could it be his newest one in Barbie, even? Whatever the case may be, don’t be shy. We’re waiting for you to go and chime in. So, have at it!

What are your favorite Ryan Gosling performances? Let us know!


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4 months ago

Top article, thank you.

Brian H.
Brian H.
4 months ago

Great list. We agree on number one. That he didn’t get an nomination for that is a real shame. I have not seen Barbie as of yet but can’t wait. I went 16 deep as I think all great performances. And love his versatility.

  1. Blue Valentine
  2. Half Nelson
  3. Lars and the Real Girl
  4. Drive
  5. La La Land
  6. Believer, The
  7. Ides of March
  8. Crazy Stupid Love
  9. Fracture
  10. First Man
  11. Notebook, The
  12. Nice Guys, The
  13. Big Short, The
  14. All Good Things
  15. Blade Runner 2049
  16. Place Beyond the Pines
Robert Hamer
4 months ago
Reply to  Brian H.

It’s hard for me to choose between Blue Valentine or Half Nelson as his finest dramatic work, but the fact that he’s been so game for a decent share of singing-and-dancing roles in this day and age is really impressive. Especially since, from what I’ve read, he was seen as one of the “lesser” mouseketeers in that early 90’s Mickey Mouse Club revival lineup in the early 90’s.



Written by Joey Magidson

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