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Interview: Heléne Yorke of ‘The Other Two’ On How Far She’ll Go For Comedy

Watching Max’s The Other Two feels like being part of a secret club. When talking to industry insiders and some of the most talented people I have ever met, the show is frequently mentioned as one of the funniest on television. On the other side of that coin, when recommending it to family or friends, the common response is ‘What is that on?” I have to admit, I was late to The Other Two game only starting to watch it after the umpteenth recommendation – and my funny bone is so glad I did.

The series, which sports an amazing cast of some of the best comic actors out there including Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, Drew Carver and Wanda Sykes. Leading the comedy charge is Heléne Yorke as one of ‘The Other Two,’ playing Brooke. Yorke is more than hilarious, she is fearless with her comedy willing to cross any line besides the one she mentions in our interview. I was taken back with just what she committed to not only mining the laughs but also making Brooke a character with more layers beyond what you may first see.

Check out these excerpts from my conversation with Yorke where she talks about everything that goes into the hysterical, criminally under-watched show – besides us cool Hollywood insiders. 😉

Watch our full conversation, directly below.

On what Brooke is looking for in life:

I think she’s looking for maybe chasing, you know, enlightenment, as we all are, like, that moment where you think, oh, okay, I, I did it I’m here. And I think what she doesn’t understand is that you’re never gonna reach that moment. It’s never gonna think you’re never gonna get somewhere and think like, Okay, I did it like I’m doing good. And what’s interesting about the season with both Brooke and Carrie is that there’s this sort of always this sense of lacking of doing well, but like, they’re, I must be missing something, I’m missing something I need to keep pushing to, like, find this other thing. And that’s what’s interesting about this season is that you’ve watched them try to like climb and do well, and now they are doing well. And yet they’re, they’re incapable of not so like double negative thing, but basically, but incapable of not self sabotaging.

Photograph by Courtesy of Max

On if anything is off limits to her with comedy:

“I don’t think so. Unless I’m really hurting someone. I would never want to hurt someone. I think that that would maybe be a boundary. I think there’s a lot of comedy that happens where I see people get really delved into personal aspects of their families and stuff. I think that’s a line I wouldn’t cross. I don’t want to hurt people that I would never want to hurt anybody. But ,other than that, no, I’m pretty much up for whatever. This season I was up for whatever, but damn, it was not a flattering three and a half months of shooting for me.”

Photograph by Courtesy of Max

On working with the other one of The Other Two, Drew Carver :

“There’s that ease that comfortability, knowing that this person note person knows you. That sounds really deep for like this comedy, but I think that they are able and allowed to be the worst versions of themselves in front of and to each other, because they’re always going to be forgiven. Those are the ways we always take advantage of family, but, I think that’s definitely true for them. It’s true for Drew and I too – he could pretty much do say anything and I would be like ‘wow.’ I think he feels like a brother to me now and I love him so much. If anything, the coolest thing about, I mean it’s actually sucks because we don’t see each other at work as much as we would like because we’re our characters are off on these other journeys. So, when I watch the episodes, I’m basically experiencing 50% of it for the first time, along with everybody else, because I’ve read the scripts but I get to see Drew play out this insane journey. It’s just such a pleasure because I think he’s so funny. I’m such a fan of his and his whole process. I love him so much.”

Watch our full conversation above.

Be part of our secret comedy club – watch all three seasons of The Other Two streaming on Max, with the season three finale airing on June 15th.


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Written by Steven Prusakowski

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