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Interview: Sharon Horgan on Making a Winning Irish Production and Balancing Tone in ‘Bad Sisters’

In the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters, a man is dead, and it seems entirely likely that four sisters are responsible since The Prick, as they called him, was horrible as the fifth sister’s husband. The show offers a darkly comedic tale of attempted murder(s) and extraordinarily complicated relationships among sisters, partners, and prospective allies that has miraculously been renewed for a second season.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Sharon Horgan, who portrays eldest sister Eva and also serves as the show’s creator. She explained the inspiration for the show, the Flemish series Clan, and how it compares to what she helped to develop:

“It’s very different. It’s Belgian. It has a very wacky tone. It’s quite broad. There’s a lot more murder attempts. The main difference is, we don’t have Chinese mafia in ours, so there’s a wildly different tone. But I just loved the relationship between the sisters. There was always five sisters, and I loved the premise of one of them being married to a prick and just deciding they’re going to take him out, but being really bad at murder because they’re just regular women.”

She also shared which sister she originally wanted to play:

“Apple were like, we see you as a Bibi. I think all of the sisters, if you were to ask them, all of the actresses, wanted to be Bibi because everyone wanted to wear an eyepatch and have a bow and arrow. It was the closest thing to a superhero in the show. But no, I figured out really quickly I wanted to be Eva. There was a whole bunch of logistical age-related mathematics to do because Ireland’s a small country and I wanted my sisters to be Irish. It was like a jigsaw puzzle of which actress. I couldn’t play one of the younger sisters, put it like that.”

Watch the full conversation below.

Season one of Bad Sisters is available to stream on Apple TV+.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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