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Interview: Brandon Scott Jones on Isaac’s Pettiness and Growth on ‘Ghosts’

CBS’ comedy series Ghosts continues to be one of the most enjoyable comedies on television as it wraps up its second season. The American version of the popular UK sitcom of the same name follows Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who, after inheriting a massive country home, soon discover that there are ghosts that live within it – and Sam can see them. Among the most opinionated and entertaining ghosts is Isaac Higgintoot (Brandon Scott Jones), a Revolutionary War soldier who died of dysentery.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Jones about portraying – and reining in – Isaac’s pettiness:

“That is one of the qualities he has that you try to make part of his endearing personality, but I think if you do go too far, it can get a little obnoxious and crazy. I think his pettiness is the thing that fuels him. I think whenever you get the chance to get underneath that, you hopefully retroactively understand it a little bit more.”

He had nothing but praise for his costar John Hartman, who plays Nigel:

“I love John. He’s the best. He’s so funny. He and I come from very similar backgrounds of improv comedy, so we will find a lot of fun ways to bit off screen and joke around, and hopefully that translates. He’s been so great. It’s this cool thing where I almost wonder if it’s not appreciated as much that he’s doing a British accent, and he’s doing the same things we’re doing, but he’s adding this extra affectation to it, which I think is brilliant. It’s been fun to see their relationship grow and take steps back, and take steps forward. Going back to that pettiness that Isaac has, it’s interesting because I think it does filter its way into that relationship too. He can make irrational decisions based on petty things that he doesn’t realize are affecting the thing that he cares about the most.”

Watch the full conversation below.

Seasons one and two of Ghosts are available to stream on Paramount+.


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