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Awards Radar Community / Sunday Scaries: What Is Your Favorite Type of Horror?

The Sunday Scaries are upon us once again! Yes, as the weekend concludes, most of us feel an oncoming sense of anticipatory dread about the week ahead. Anxiety about work manifests itself into a feeling that’s known as the Sunday Scaries. However, we at Awards Radar are here to combat that, by taking back the name. Now, we want you think about a horror-centric piece on the site when you hear the term. So, let us continue on with another installment of the Awards Radar Sunday Scaries! Today, we’re merging the Awards Radar Community Question with Sunday Scaries to ask you all about the genre. Chiefly, what type of horror do you like?


Horror comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s monster movies, ghost stories, serial killers, and just plain old psychological horror. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Personally, I love a good franchise, when done properly, like with Saw. On film, on television, or even in video games, the genre offers up pretty much something for everyone, provided you like scary stuff. So, today we’re asking for your favorite type of horror to consume.

If you like your horror classy, maybe the somewhat still new elevated horror trend is your favorite? A24 in particular has become the master of this sub-genre, which we’ve seen even shoot for Oscar attention. Years ago, a Hereditary would stand no chance of even bare-bones consideration. Now? Toni Collette‘s performance did actually gain some traction, even if it didn’t result in an Academy Award nomination. It’s not always scary enough for some horror buffs, but this type of flick certainly does attempt to make you think.

On the other hand,, if you’re all about gore, maybe slashers or what used to be referred to as torture porn is your bag? The aforementioned Saw has been one of the latter’s longest-running franchises, while the former has made iconic characters out of Michael Myers in Halloween and Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series. These are horror icons that stand the test of time, spanning close to half a century.

Whatever you like, we’re keen to find out. Tell us your preferred type of horror, and which film or films particularly strike your fancy there. There’s no wrong answers, so let loose with whatever your heart desires. After all, we’re just dying to know…

What is your favorite type of horror? Let us know!


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1 month ago

My favorites I guess are psychological horror althought they may be cross over into others.
Get Out
Black Swan
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
Promising Young Woman
The Sixth Sense

I also like Crimeson Peak and Sleepy Hollow .I think they would be more like Gothic but Psychological may fit too.

I don’t what Parasite techically is I have heard it described as almost everything.

Robert Hamer
1 month ago

I’m not sure if I have a “favorite.” I’ve already talked at length about my exasperation with horror movies as belabored metaphors for Serious Subject Matter, but if that trend really is (hopefully) on the way out, I’d love to see a resurgence of narratively incoherent, ultra-visceral, surreal, visually vibrant horror movies similar to what Italy was regularly putting out in the 60’s and 70’s.

I’m starved for some good cosmic horror, too. I know the progenitor of that subgenre was a notorious racist, but hey, Victor LaValle already proved you could subvert that. I’m sure there are others who can do it, too.



Written by Joey Magidson

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