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Doubling Up On Pedro Pascal: ‘The Mandalorian’ S3 + ‘The Last of Us’ Penultimate Episode – The ‘Verse! Podcast

The squad blasts off to a galaxy far, far away to revisit season one of Disney+’s acclaimed Star Wars spinoff series, The Mandalorian, in preparation for this month’s season three premiere. We’re back in the business of removing blindspots and Emilia gives her first impressions and fresh takes of the Pedro Pascal-led space western.

Next we continue coverage of another favorite Pascal-led property – HBO’s The Last of Us. And this episode proves our odd number theory WRONG. So far every odd numbered episode has been an emotional gutpunch, but it turns out some even numbered episodes (like this one) are capable of the same. And with the season finale coming up, we’re not likely to get a break. Tune in to hear our discussion of the latest episode, comparisons to the video game, and a recap of any Easter eggs or details you might have missed!

If you stick around after the credits, beep boop bleep bop…

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SHOW BREAKDOWN: 0:00 – Intro // 2:40 – The News // 20:40 THE MANDALORIAN S1 – Blindspot // 52:00 – THE LAST OF US (Ep 7)  // 72:50 – Contact Info // 74:15 – Me and my Droid


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Written by Steven Prusakowski

Steven Prusakowski has been a cinephile as far back as he can remember, literally. At the age of ten, while other kids his age were sleeping, he was up into the late hours of the night watching the Oscars. Since then, his passion for film, television, and awards has only grown. For over a decade he has reviewed and written about entertainment through publications including Awards Circuit and Screen Radar. He has conducted interviews with some of the best in the business - learning more about them, their projects and their crafts. He is a graduate of the RIT film program. You can find him on Twitter and Letterboxd as @FilmSnork – we don’t know why the name, but he seems to be sticking to it.

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