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Awards Radar Community: Share Your ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Reactions!

20th Century Studios
20th Century Studios

A return trip to Pandora has been booked, seemingly by much of the filmgoing public. James Cameron‘s long in development Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, is now in theaters, with a massive box office haul soon to come. The money was inevitable, but the critical acclaim was not. It just goes to show, it’s never a good idea to bet against Cameron. Regardless, for this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question, we’re angling for your take. If/when you see the film, we’re anxious to know…what did you think of it?

In my review of Avatar: The Way of Water (found here), I had this to say:

For a now franchise that seemed to get dunked on ever since its box office shattering beginning, Avatar, and by extension, James Cameron, projects immense confidence. While some snickered at Cameron planning a whole host of Avatar sequels, he and his team plugged away, knowing what they had. Well, when Avatar: The Way of Water finally screened last week, it probably shouldn’t have come as a shock that the film largely blew everyone away. After all, the first one showed audiences things they’d never seen before, while Cameron is one of the masters when it comes to epic spectacle. So, even if I went into this movie without much in the way of expectations, I left it wit my mouth agape. This is an improvement over the already solid first one in every manner.

Avatar: The Way of Water is proof that you should never bet against Cameron. Not only is it visually a huge step forward and likely the best we’ll ever see 3D utilized (until Avatar 3?), it raises the emotional stakes and does a better job investing you in the characters. Both flicks are essentially theme park rides, but this time, you care about who you’re going on the ride with. Combine that with it being one of the best looking films ever made and you have a recipe for success.

Now, it’s your turn. Did Avatar: The Way of Water live up to the hype? Do you prefer it or the first Avatar? Whatever your take on the matter is, we’re eager to know, so be sure to share it with us this weekend…

20th Century Studios

What did you think of Avatar: The Way of Water? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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