Interview: The Cast and Crew of ‘The Menu’ Break Down the Dark and Twisted Recipe for Its Success

The Menu casts a remarkable ensemble as high-end diners at the fanciest meal of their lives – which will also be their last. This film blends genres and comes from director Mark Mylod, recently known for another project that skewers the ultra-wealthy, HBO’s Emmy-winning Succession.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with a few of the people involved in creating this chilling, appetizing, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Asked who she would be if she had a real life meal like this, actress Hong Chau, who plays the mysterious and terrifying Elsa, said:

“Hopefully none of them. What’s great about The Menu is that we have so many amazing actors who are awesome people, but they’re all playing somewhat of a doofus, so that’s where the comedy of the movie comes from.”

Discussing how the film is told from the perspective of the service industry, its writers and director share their inspirations:

Mark Mylod: “I think my palate is just not refined enough to really appreciate that level of cooking. So when the Menu script landed on my desk, I felt very much that connection with Margot, Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, as being this real outsider to this foodie world.”

Will Tracy: “I don’t think either of us has any experience in the service industry.”

Seth Reiss: “Unfortunately, everyone who will read that or see that will think we’re such fucking pricks. I was a bagboy and caddy, so that’s my service industry experience, but I’ve actually never been a server at a restaurant. But I do know what it feels like to want that appreciation from the people that you are serving. Even if you’re not a server at a restaurant, or you work for a boss, you want that appreciation for the work that you’re putting in to your craft.”

Watch and listen below for our full conversations with Chau, director Mylod, writers Tracy and Reiss, and Judith Light.

Interview with ‘The Menu’ director Mark Mylod

Interview with Judith Light of ‘The Menu’

The Menu opens in theaters on November 18th.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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