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Playing the Part: Thoughts As I Begin My Time at Mets Fantasy Camp (Part One)

By the time you read this, I’ll be on a plane headed to Florida. Why? Well, as I detailed here about two weeks ago, I’m going to be participating in Mets Fantasy Camp. Yes, as we head into awards season, I’ll be thinking about Oscar nominations while also channeling my inner New York Met. Considering how side by side film and sports have been as passions for me, combining the two, by way of thinking about this endeavor through a cinematic lens, does feel especially on brand. While other campers may be imagining themselves as Gary Carter, Jacob deGrom, Dwight Gooden, Mike Piazza, Mookie Wilson, or David Wright, I’ll be thinking as much about Kevin Costner‘s times in uniform. That’s just how I roll. So, as I get set to play this part, prep for my strange little role by reading some quick thoughts on it all.

Growing up, not only did I love sports, I already loved sports movies as well. It’s probably no surprise, thinking about what I’ve just gotten myself into, that my favorite baseball films as a kid were Little Big League and Rookie of the Year. Wish fulfillment sports cinema, silly as it may seem, can really hit a child in the perfect way. Are those flicks responsible for this adventure? Maybe, maybe not, but I can’t help but think of them today…

Little Big League

So, what to expect? Coverage wise, I’m planning to keep a daily journal of my time at camp, sharing it with you all at least once or twice, but before wrapping things up. Plus, however it speaks to the cinematic world might well generate more articles, so who knows? In terms of what I’ll actually be doing, I’ll be playing baseball with other fans, coached and managed by former New York Mets, legends from their 1986 World Championship team, as well as newer fan favorites. It should be really interesting, beyond just finding out how much worse of a player I am than when I was reasonably good back in High School. Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned for all of the embarrassment, roleplaying, and perhaps even fun that I’ll be having down at Mets Fantasy Camp. Of course, I’ll be tying it into film as much as humanly possible, because after all, I’m me. If anyone has any requests, definitely let me know. Otherwise, just cross your fingers that I don’t wind up injuring myself…

Sit tight for my report(s) from Mets Fantasy Camp later on this week!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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